Community Diagnostic Centres

We’re acutely aware that the Covid pandemic has produced immeasurable challenges for diagnostics teams in the UK. Healthcare professionals continue to work hard to recover from the impact and we know it’s vital that we, as a leading partner, provide you with the resources needed to do so.

In October 2020, NHS England’s Richards Report recommended the increased use of community-based, multi-functional diagnostic facilities named Community Diagnostic Centres. These unique settings have been identified as pivotal in expanding diagnostic capacity when it is most needed – easing access to tests, addressing local health inequalities and ultimately improving health outcomes.

Community Diagnostic Centres
Community Diagnostic Centres

Helping you to deliver a safe, efficient and high-quality patient experience

Centres not only allow for the separation of acute/emergency services from elective diagnostic procedures, but also offer bespoke, high-quality, adaptable surroundings that are tailored to site-specific requirements, delivering patients a personalised diagnostic experience in a local setting.

And this is where our expertise lies. We’re excited to share both our experience and resources and take your vision to the very heart of local communities, expanding your diagnostic capacity quickly, efficiently and within budget. Our team of professionals will work with you to create a bespoke modular setting that is based on your requirements, with the flexibility to incorporate a mix of relocatables and modular build, each with the latest in digital technology to provide connectivity you can rely on. Whether it be a small, basic design or a larger more complex project, we aim to not just fulfil your brief, but work together – consulting and advising you every step of the way.

Community Diagnostic Centres

Our versatile fleet of services can be
designed and adapted to suit your needs

Community Diagnostic Centres


providing core diagnostic services of CT, MR, US and plain Xray, (minus endoscopy and other components)


providing core diagnostics including endoscopy, as well as a wider range of services to complement diagnostics, such as consultation rooms and outreach functions

Hub and Spoke Model

the addition of ‘spoke’ facilities further increases capacity for specific testing through a satellite location, mobile unit or pop-up

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Community Diagnostic Centres

Our complete service package is built to ensure that we deliver on our objectives with minimal disruption to your service. As well as offering everything from financial services to operational support, we can even build offsite, allowing us to deliver a complete solution that is operational from the moment it arrives.

Together, we can change the landscape of diagnostic services and, in turn, change the lives of your patients.

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Richards Report - Community Diagnostic Centres

The Richards Report

In October 2020 NHS England released Professor Sir Mike Richards’ review of diagnostic services entitled Diagnostics: Recovery and Renewal. The report states that by early June 2020 around 580,000 patients were waiting more than six weeks for a diagnostic test, compared with around 30,000 in February 2020. Its findings suggest that scanning capacity should be doubled during the next five years to meet increasing demand and to match other developed countries. One of the key recommendations of the report was the expansion of Community Diagnostic Centres.

Helping the NHS to do what it
does best

During 2020, when the need for additional offsite, diagnostic provision grew exponentially, we were on hand to help the NHS deliver its vital services in the most challenging of circumstances. We provided 15 high-quality CT scan units to NHS Trusts across the UK, turning the project around in just eight weeks. Our team worked in partnership with the NHS throughout, ensuring the environments were compliant with infection control requirements but never compromising on quality.