Official Medical Systems Partner to Manchester United 

Since 2013, Canon Medical Systems UK has been the ‘Official Medical Systems Partner’ to Manchester United.

Our agreement involves the provision of state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment including CT, MRI, and diagnostic Ultrasound to the dedicated Medical Imaging Centre at Carrington Training Complex. It is part of Canon Medical’s network of collaborations to undertake important research and support human health.

The medical equipment supplied plays an important role in the ongoing health and wellbeing of all support staff and football players including the first team, youth academy, and women’s team. Clinical information from the systems is used by the team’s doctors and physiotherapists to rapidly assess injuries incurred during games or training, assist rehabilitation and to pre-empt future injuries.

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five Manchester United players arm in arm celebrating on the pitch
Mandatory and proactive health surveillance is also undertaken using the Canon Medical systems. For example, cardiac profiling is a requirement every two years. Governed by FIFA, it aims to identify anomalies that can lead to potentially fatal arrhythmias that can be the primary cause of sudden cardiac arrests. Whilst rare, the conditions can be asymptomatic and triggered by physical exertion. Canon Medical has many collaborations with sport, academia, the NHS and independent healthcare to power pioneering research projects.

Current studies involving Manchester United and in conjunction with UK universities and NHS clinical consultants aim to have wide-reaching potential to retired sportspeople, other sporting organisations, the NHS and global health communities. The research helps to unlock knowledge of the human body and assist with clinical education, equipment innovation and reshaping the future of preventative protocols and patient diagnosis. This will not only save lives, but also enable many people to live more active lives.

Three Manchester United Players Celebrating On The Pitch

Sports Medical Research

Manchester United FC welcomes first-class MRI at Old Trafford, with Canon Medical's
a look at how imaging research complements the ongoing health for football players
Dr Steve McNally, Head of Football Medicine & Science at Manchester United FC explores the role of giangostic imaging in sports medicine

Canon Medical Systems Aquilion ONE PRISM Edition Computed Tomography


Highlighting Manchester United’s medical centre is state-of-the-art equipment supplied by Canon Medical Systems:


Canon Medical Systems Magnetic Resonance Vantage Galan 3T

Outstanding Patient Comfort.
Pure Image Quality.
Streamlined Workflow.

Altivity, Canon Medical’s deep learning & machine learning AI powered technologies, will be included in the upgrade to the existing Vantage Galan 3T MRI via Canon Medical’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE). This will improve the clarity and detail in the resulting image outputs providing a greater level of information for sports medicine interpretation and clinical decision making. With the ability to combine with 2D and 3D Compressed SPEEDER it can further accelerate the speed of MRI scanning giving swift imaging results. AiCE offers the clarity and quality that can, in some cases, be comparable to that of high-end 7 Tesla systems.

Watch our Q&A with Dr Steve McNally, Head of Football, Medicine and Science at Manchester United. Listen up as we talk about how the system helps monitor healing of injuries, the benefits of an on-site system and more about the Vantage Galan 3T.