X-Ray Medical Diagnostic Imaging

At Canon Medical Systems UK, our cutting edge technology design focuses on providing radiographers with systems that maximise efficiency and patient throughput, as well as comfort for the patient.

The Radrex-i range of DR general radiography rooms meets the demands of today’s busy departments, providing flexibility and reliability where you need it most. Designed with the radiographer in mind, this easy to use equipment helps maintain high patient throughput and departmental efficiency.

The Ultimax-i maximises efficiency by providing a truly multipurpose, cost effective solution for both Fluoroscopy, DSA and DR in busy departments where maximum utilisation is essential.

In 2018, 99% of our UK customers rated our people as good to excellent, with 94.5% of X-Ray users rating our products from good to excellent. Our combination of bespoke solutions and best in class customer service and support means we are striving to provide 100% uptime and 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Spire Gatwick Hospital has recently refurbished the X-ray screening room with a Canon Ultimax-i. The versatility of the C-arm configuration facilitates a wider variety of procedures to be performed in this room, allowing us to relocate some work previously performed in theatre. The radiologists have been impressed by the superb image clarity and ease-of-use, as well as the reduction in patient dose. The room has had significant refurbishment and the new Ultimax-i certainly enriches this, providing an enhanced patient experience Di Hunter – X-ray Lead Radiographer – Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

Clinical Excellence

  • Advanced image processing gives superb image quality
  • Advanced dose reduction features lead the way in interventional imaging
  • High level surgical installations in leading specialist centres


  • Best ergonomic design gives unparalleled patient access
  • Floor or ceiling mounted with wide choice of detector sizes to suit all circumstances
  • Clinician designed user interface optimises examination workflow


  • Greater than 99.5% average uptime across Europe
  • Wide choice of contracts to meet financial and clinical needs
  • High levels of customer satisfaction in UK installed base