Dan Parr

XR Modality Manager

My working life began in a pharmacy where I spent most of my time developing people’s holiday photos and attempting to sell cameras. It was a beautifully old-fashioned shop, the kind with glass counters and cabinets containing a wide range of cameras and photography equipment. At the time Canon were considered the top brand, I remember we sold one of the first Digital SLRs, the EOS D30. It had a massive 3.1 megapixels, which was very impressive at the time.

My first role in the NHS was ‘Radiology Department Assistant’ at Papworth Hospital. This role combined skills from my old job with a different type of film processing. My primary function was the cleaning and maintaining the daylight processors and collecting patients for coronary intervention and electrophysiology (EP). This job offered me insight into the technical elements of radiology and paved the way for my degree in Radiography.

After studying at Leeds University, I worked as a Diagnostic Radiographer at York Hospital for a number of years and was often tasked to work as a core trainer for new systems, which I really enjoyed. This experience exposed me to the role of the applications specialist and led to my first foray into the commercial world with Konica Minolta.

After gaining a couple of years’ experience, I became aware of a role at Toshiba Medical Systems. I knew from the offset it was a professional and well-respected company, so the decision to apply was easy. Here I am over six years later, the name has changed but the company’s values remain.

My current role is XR Modality Manager and my main responsibility is for the management and development of the XR Modality Team by providing internal training, coaching and support. They are a group of highly skilled clinical experts whose role is primarily to educate our customers and support our sales colleagues. Due to the commercial nature of the business, in addition to the clinical aspect, I ensure that the sales and product teams have access to the latest and relevant product information, including keeping the NHS Frameworks up to date.