Canon Medical &
The Sheffield Sharks

Canon Medical Systems are working in association with the professional basketball team, Sheffield Sharks, to deliver a unique programme called ‘RESPECT’. The RESPECT programme focuses on improving the chances for young people to break away from a cycle of disadvantage; giving hope and confidence, plus practical skills to create better opportunities in life.

Sheffield Sharks Basketball team in Partnership with Canon Medical Systems UK
Working with Sheffield City Council and the Birmingham Rockets, Sheffield Sharks provide school children aged 9-11 years an outreach programme that includes a full-time teacher and classroom at their training ground. The workshops focus on respect issues such as cyber-bullying, bullying and health and fitness and aim to break the negative cycle of behaviour, before they reach secondary school age. The community links also promote getting involved in team sports, such as basketball and cheerleading, to lift spirits and channel energy in a constructive way and minimise behavioural issues. The programme also teaches children that education and qualifications are vital, and has led to a 100% pass rate in pupils achieving City & Guild qualifications.

Enriching Children’s Lives

The RESPECT programme provides children in the Sheffield City Region and now Birmingham City Region with some real once-in-a lifetime opportunities to enrich their lives. Discover more about our latest initiatives.