Spire Gatwick Park Hospital recently acquired Canon Medical Systems X-ray equipment. The Ultimax-i digital X-ray system offers versatility and flexibility, and is able to cover a wide range of clinical imaging and interventional needs, from contrast studies of the GI tract to angiography. Its X-ray tube with liquid metal bearings as standard reduces wear on the system and also reduces noise, which lowers the environmental stress for the patient.

Di Hunter, X-ray Lead Radiographer says, “Spire Gatwick Hospital has recently refurbished the X-ray screening room with a Canon Ultimax-i. The versatility of the C-arm configuration facilitates a wider variety of procedures to be performed in this room, allowing us to relocate some work previously performed in theatre. The radiologists have been impressed by the superb image clarity and ease-of-use, as well as the reduction in patient dose. The room has had significant refurbishment and the new Ultimax-i certainly enriches this, providing an enhanced patient experience.”

Canon Medical Systems’ Ultimax-i comes with a 43 x 43 cm flat panel detector and includes an integrated C-arm that eliminates the need for the patient to be moved from the table.  Capable of performing multi-purpose exams, including conventional X-ray, fluoroscopy and angiography, its innovative design enables AP and PA examinations and provides a multi-directional interactive C-arm system, which ensures an ideal solution for all patients. The new imaging technology ‘Super Noise Reduction Filter’ (SNRF) has been adopted to improve visualisation in fluoroscopy, which is of critical importance in many exams, and the system  also comes with a comprehensive dose reduction programme, which ensures maximum results at the lowest possible dose.

The Ultimax-i offers a laser projector for the under-table tube, which improves accuracy when the X-ray tube is positioned on top, bottom, or on either side laterally. In addition, the ergonomic design of the long, wide handgrips improve patient confidence and comfort in any position.

Photo Caption:  Di Hunter, Lead Radiographer; Ritch Ahorro, Radiographer, Laura Mclennan, Acting Imaging Manager, Dr. Sona Biswas, Consultant Radiologist and Jamile Siddiqui, Account Manager from Canon Medical Systems