Sports medicine imaging solutions in the spotlight at Old Trafford

Luminaries share how pushing the boundaries of MSK and cardiology in sports can widen diagnosis & treatment for all

Manchester United Football Club’s Old Trafford stadium recently played host to an event dedicated to the world of sports medicine to promote the sharing of best clinical practice. The occasion, hosted by Canon Medical Systems UK, drew together clinicians, researchers and industry experts to discuss how medical imaging can assist elite sports and the wider public with injury prevention, earlier diagnosis and faster rehabilitation.

Over one hundred sports physiologists, radiologists and physiotherapists joined the forum to hear about sports medicine developments in musculoskeletal (MSK) and cardiology. The latest MR, CT and ultrasound imaging systems were also discussed to educate on how technical innovations can help unlock deeper information to support informed decision-making on sports health.

Best practice and clinical research speakers included Dr Steve McNally, Head of Football Medicine & Science at Manchester United Football Club who delivered a talk on progression to the next level at a football club medical imaging department; Dr Guido Pieles, Consultant Congenital Cardiologist at Bristol Heart Institute and University of Bristol presented state-of-the-art cardiac performance monitoring in elite sports clubs; and Dr Gil Rodas, Team Doctor & Medical Director Barca Innovation Hub from FC Barcelona highlighted experience of genomics to return to play in professional team sport players.

“The Sports Medicine & MSK Solutions event was a great opportunity to hear how sports medicine luminaries are pushing the boundaries of MSK and cardiology knowledge using innovative imaging solutions. Across Europe, Canon Medical is working with football, tennis, basketball, rugby and cycling teams. These sporting partnerships, from grass roots to the higher echelons, are giving greater insight into the anatomical and physiological understanding of the human body to prevent, diagnose and recover from illness and injury. This has the potential to positively cascade into wider healthcare and the general population by the development of screening programmes or more detailed treatment planning,” states Mark Hitchman, Managing Director at Canon Medical Systems UK.

Feedback from delegates included expressions of gratitude for a rich and informative event that highlighted the enormity of research and development that goes into professional athletes. Comments were also received about the content and range of speakers helping to broaden people’s understanding of MSK, profiling techniques and innovation in imaging solutions.

Photo caption: Canon Medical Systems UK hosted The Sports Medicine & MSK Solutions event at Manchester United Football Club’s Old Trafford Stadium to share best clinical practice in sports medicine.

Pictured L to R: Professor Wim Derave Department of Movement and Sports Sciences at Ghent University; Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems UK; Dr Steve McNally, Head of Football Medicine & Science at Manchester United Football Club; Dr Guido E Pieles, Paediatric and Adult Sports Cardiologist at Bristol Heart Institute and University of Bristol; Tessa Sanderson CBE, Six times Olympian athlete & Sports Ambassador; Dennis Irwin, 1990s Manchester United Player; Dr Pedro Augusto Gondim Teixeira, MSK Radiologist at Hospital Central CHRU-Nancy in France; Andrew Unwin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Windsor Knee Clinic; and Ken Sutherland, President of Canon Medical Research Europe.