The Perfect Fit

The Aplio i-series and a-series Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems are optimised for today’s busy departments and scalable for tomorrow’s challenges. Combining high-quality imaging with ease of use and a wide range of advanced tools, the Aplio systems are designed to meet your clinical and workflow needs. Many of the Aplio system’s unique imaging technologies provide you with optimal image quality for depth and detail by reducing clutter, strengthening signal and improving visualisation.

Cardiac IQ for technically difficult patients

From the smallest to the toughest patients, Aplio’s innovative iBeam architecture with dramatically increased processing power provides outstanding imaging clarity and definition with significantly enhanced penetration.

Automating tedious cardiac measurements

Industry trends demonstrate patient volumes are increasing, patients are growing larger and protocols are becoming longer. To help streamline cardiac workflow, Aplio i-series systems are automating many of the most time consuming measurements for echo.

Automatically calculates Ejection Fraction while adding Global Longitudinal Strain into the results.
This unique and standard feature streamlines workflow while integrating Strain analysis into routine exams, without adding steps or time.

Canon Medical’s comprehensive Stress
Echo package enables rapid view acquisition, rapid selection and easy regional wall motion scoring of both standard and user defined protocols for exercise and pharmacological stress echoes.

Consistently acquire a correct M-mode image. Flex-M functionality enables user to anatomically adjust M-Modes on patients with off-axis views. M-mode tracings can be made online or offline

Taking the Stress Out of Strain. Aplio i-series’ Innovative 2D Wall Motion Tracking (2D WMT) technology measures strain in just a few clicks with easier workflow and faster results.

Diastolic strain ratio imaging is one of the available analysis parameters of 2D Wall Motion Tracking.
Myocardium quantification of the rate of change of the strain in early expansion, can be displayed in colour mapping.

Aplio’s RAW Data capability enables you to efficiently scan and acquire images (even on a remote access tablet) and then manipulate multiple image parameters, measurements and annotations later.

Outstanding Paediatric Transducers

Paediatric Sector Probes with different frequency bands that match the child’s physique are easy to scan even in narrow spaces due to their small contact area. With the new-born probe, the heart, head, and abdomen can be observed with a single probe by selecting the conditions.

Consistent high-quality results, outstanding ergonomics

Vascular exams can be very challenging. Aplio i700’s dedicated transducers ensure excellent imaging resolution and sensitivity for vascular applications, while automated scan protocols and measurements help you improve efficiency and consistency.