All detectors work hand in hand with Canon’s software to provide optimized workflow and superior imaging capability with low patient dose. Integrated DICOM dose reporting and exam information add an additional layer of safety for you and your patients.

Canon’s ultra-lightweight, yet robust detectors are easy to carry and comfortable to hold. Integrated hand grips on all four sides make them even more effective to transport.

Canon CXDI detectors are IPX7-certified waterproof, making them ideally suited also for emergency and critical care applications where contact with fluids is inevitable at times.

The robust carbon-fibre enforced detectors are lightweight and durable. Withstanding loads of up to 310 kg, the detectors are ideal for direct weight-bearing imaging with obese patients.


Aceso+ is powered by Canon’s next generation wireless detectors and imaging software. The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors with integrated battery and image storage can be used on board or stand-alone as needed.

Aceso manages up to 8 fixed or portable detectors for optimal imaging flexibility. Specific detectors can not only be selected from the workstation, but also simply by pressing the “Ready” button directly on the device.

While charging the battery, the multifunction dock can transfer remotely captured images to your database.


Canon’s imaging and patient management software helps you streamline your workflow and reduce the steps required to quickly complete each exam. With its intuitive user interface, the software is perfectly suited for all types of DR examinations.

  • Common user interface
    Canon’s entire DR product range shares a common user interface – a major advantage for training, operator comfort and familiarity. At the same time, the software offers numerous configuration options for individual optimization of the user interface.
  • Optimized workflow
    With advanced applications such as autostitching and a wide range of configurations the system can easily handle daily routine as well as more demanding exams.
  • Stand-alone mode
    With integrated battery and sufficient onboard storage for up to 99 images, you can acquire images throughout the department.
  • Automated dose reporting
    With DICOM compatibility, including structured dose reporting, the software enables cross-platform connectivity and automatic patient dose reporting.
  • Easy panel selection
    When using multiple FPDs, a specific detector can be selected on the workstation or simply by pressing the ‘Ready’ button on the detector.

Everything under control

Canon’s software provides straightforward operation, advanced post-processing and comprehensive imaging management capabilities, so you always get the optimal result quickly and with ease.


Aceso’s comprehensive image processing functions and advanced imaging options enable you to consistently achieve optimal image quality with the lowest possible dose.

One-shot long-length imaging

Compared to conventional stitching, Canon’s unique one-shot long length solution provides faster exams with higher image quality and lower dose.

Dynamic image enhancement

Canon’s imaging software provides you with a wide range of functions to optimize imaging contrast while optimizing dose.

Scatter correction

The optional scatter correction software allows you to obtain optimal image quality at significantly lower dose compared to imaging with a grid.


Canon CXDI post-processing offers dedicated LUT-curves for various anatomical regions. This ensures optimal image quality for all body parts.

Sharpness adjustment can provide the perfect amount of bone structure and sharpness for your personal preference.

High image quality combined with low dose provides optimal pediatric imaging.

Automatic mask adjustment recognizes collimator blade positioning, minimizing manual post-exposure adjustment.

Dynamic range adjustment offers excellent image contrast tailored to the body part.

CDXI post-processing can provide contrast boost to achieve the best image outcome.