– Relationship to drive medical research in cardiology, musculoskeletal and sports medicine while simultaneously supporting elite football injury assessment, prevention and ensuring a faster return to the field of play.

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands/Manchester, United Kingdom, Manchester United Football Club has announced a renewed multi-year agreement with Canon Medical Systems Europe as its official medical systems partner.

The unique partnership will ensure that world-class players continue to gain instant access to advanced imaging equipment to examine injuries and undertake pre-emptive screening for preventable injuries, improving player welfare and maintaining career longevity at an elite level. The collaboration will also continue to push the boundaries of medical research and through translational methods, will benefit patient populations and healthcare professionals internationally.

The agreement between the two iconic organisations was first signed six years ago and top-of-the-range imaging modalities including CT, MRI and Ultrasound were installed into a dedicated Medical Centre at Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex. The renewed contract will continue the diagnostic imaging partnership benefitting players and staff at Manchester United Football Club, clinical communities operating in sports medicine and ultimately patients in the wider world.

Studies seeking the answers to prevent clinical conditions, improve diagnosis or enhance treatment in the areas of cardiology, musculoskeletal (MSK) and sports medicine are regularly undertaken at the Aon Training Complex. Research initiatives conducted throughout the partnership have been presented at high-level European Cardiology conferences, all of which have been very well received. This includes ‘Musculoskeletal MRI in Football Medicine’ and ‘Exercise Myocardial Performance in Adolescent Athletes’ research to extend knowledge and understanding in the fields of sports medicine.

Mark Holmshaw, President and CEO at Canon Medical Systems Europe, said:

“As we continue to develop our medical system partnership with Manchester United Football Club, we do so with enhanced vigour and innovation strengths following our transition from Toshiba Medical Systems to Canon Medical Systems earlier this year. As part of the Canon Group, we are seeing direct results of our collaboration, taking imaging technologies to the next level. Besides this, we can draw on the 100-year medical system pedigree and presence in over 140 countries to ensure access to the latest product and solutions from our research and development teams. Medical technology powers confident diagnoses, speeds up treatment planning and ensures a faster return to the field of play. It is at the heart of modern healthcare, improving outcomes for everyone, whether that is in sports performance, or wider clinical practice.”

Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director at Manchester United, said:

“We are delighted to extend what has been an excellent partnership with Canon Medical Systems over the past six years. At Manchester United, just like at Canon Medical Systems, we pride ourselves on innovation. Our world-class medical team at Manchester United, partnered with the world-class team at Canon has helped us provide our players with the best possible medical care. The feedback from the medical team has been excellent and it is clear that the partnership is making a real difference to player health and career longevity.”

Dr Steve McNally, Head of Sports Medicine and Science at Manchester United, said:

“During the past six years, our partnership has redefined the standard for medical imaging in elite sport. Daily access to state-of-the-art equipment and intelligent technologies has improved responsiveness to clinical presentations. Most importantly, we have developed a concept of ‘performance imaging’ over and above clinical diagnostics.

“By utilising innovative techniques borne out of shared ideas and experiences from Canon Medical’s wider network of experts, we can now profile and monitor our players in ways we have never done before. This not only enhances athlete health and safety but also provides invaluable information to guide the athletic development process. As part of the partnership, we have also shared data that will assist in improving health services for the general public.”

Caption: Mr. Mark Holmshaw, CEO and President of Canon Medical Systems Europe BV (l) and Mr. Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director, Manchester United Football Club during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Leicester City at Old Trafford on August 10, 2018 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Arrowe Park Hospital, part of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, selected Canon Medical Systems Aplio i-600 ultrasound systems to replace its aged scanners. The Trust purchased eleven machines to be installed over four sites:  five scanners for general use at Arrowe Park, plus one mobile system; three scanners located at the Breast Screening unit at Clatterbridge Oncology Hospital, and two systems for outlying community centres.

Gail Green, Ultrasound Manager explains “Our old scanners were supplied by Toshiba (now Canon Medical Systems) and their performance over the years has been extremely reliable, backed up by the excellent support we have received from Toshiba/Canon. Therefore, on the strength of past experience and our long-standing relationship, we decided to stay with Canon. Our decision was reinforced, when we were very impressed with the installation of the new machines and disposal of the old equipment. All systems over the four sites, including the connection to PACS were up and running within two weeks with no hiccups.”   

The Aplio i-600 offers robust performance that can be relied on for a wide range of clinical taks.   Combined with a full range of easy-to-use tools for advanced diagnostics and precise interventional work, it ensures diagnostic confidence and superior productivity.

Gail continues, “We were looking for a work-horse scanner with good image quality and penetration and the Aplio i-600 certainly fits the bill. In addition there is the possibility to upgrade the system should we wish to do so. Another benefit is its small footprint, which makes it less cumbersome and easier to manoeuvre, particularly when taking the machine to the bedside.”    

Photo line up left to right: Margaret Baird, Deputy Radiology Services Manager; Paula Connor, Ultrasound Applications Specialist, Canon Medical Systems; Gail Green, Ultrasound Manager; Adam Cameron, Trainee Sonographer, and seated, Janette Ogalino-Gittins, Sonographer; Lynn Parkington, Sales Specialist, formerly of Canon Medical Systems; Anne Moreton, Sonographer and Deborah Smith, Ultrasound Clinical Support Worker

University College Hospital (UCLH) recently invested in a Canon Medical Systems CT scanner.  It is the first dedicated Emergency Department CT scanner to be installed at UCLH and is also the first Canon Aquilion Prime SP system in London. The acquisition of this brand new system will reduce the amount of time spent, and distance travelled, by an emergency patient going to the CT scanner in the initial ‘golden hour’. It comes equipped with the latest technology, which reduces dose and improves image quality, thereby increasing diagnostic confidence for the emergency team.

Thea Buchan, CT Superintendent Radiographer at UCHL says, “The installation of the Canon Aquilion Prime SP in our emergency department has revolutionalised the flow of our most critical patients through the imaging service. The scanner has performed excellently, both in terms of image quality and dose optimisation and thereby is improving our patient care.”

The new scanner, an Aquilion Prime SP, provides excellent image quality at the lowest possible dose.  It has been delivered with cardiac and perfusion studies enabled and also comes with Canon’s SURESubtraction software packages. In addition, the vHP Variable Helical Parameters technology allows the scanner to perform three scans within a single acquisition, reducing time on the system, contrast agent used and radiation dose to the patient. A robust, reliable CT system, it also comes with Canon’s technology-assisted couch-top lateral sliding feature, which ensures that patient positioning has never been easier.

Photo line up left to right: Eleanor Vella, Operational Superintendent; Jamile Siddiqui, Account Manager, Canon Medical Systems; Christian Metson, Advanced Radiographer; Aimee Sheldon, Radiographer; Darren Boone, Consultant Radiographer and Thea Buchan, CT Superintendent Radiographer